What is Wedding Masterplan?

It’s your perfect solution for your wedding day, one that brings together experts from the wedding industry and provides couples with a wide range of bespoke, customizable options. If you want to master your wedding and are looking for affordable but professional virtual wedding planning services with just the right amount of support, Wedding Masterplan delivers, with our OnDemand Wedding Planner services so you can execute the wedding you have always dreamed of. Wedding Masterplan is the unique experience you’ve been waiting for.

What is OnDemand Wedding Planner? OnDemand Wedding Planner services provide planning support for couples to empower them to sculpt their ideal wedding.  This includes a variety of tools, classes, coaching, guidance, and other services to help support your wedding planning journey. This is what you need to master your wedding.

With Wedding Masterplan, curating your perfect day has never been easier, and you can get as much or as little help and support as you need because of all of our options.  Our services are tailored for the couple whose budget is less than $35k, and we offer packages with various levels of support, from customized blueprint, to on-demand access via text to a certified wedding planner. Wedding Masterplan services are designed to cut out the fluff and give you honest, straightforward advice that you can use to master your wedding.

Our Experts

Maggie Rodriguez
Maggie Rodriguez

Expert Event Planner

Maggie Rodriguez has more than 20 years of experience in the wedding and event planning industry. As the Founder and CEO of Inspired Events, Rodriguez oversees over 100 events per year and a support staff that includes chefs, planners, wait staff, designers, and florists. 

Rodriguez began her career in 1995 when she began planning events for local politicians, health services organizations, and other local non-profit corporations.  She expanded into the wedding industry in 2005, when she opened the door of her home to couples looking for an intimate place for a wedding.  As a venue owner, she witnessed couples dealing with dozens of caterers, florists, and other wedding professionals and she was able to identify a way to make their day less stressful. Many couples were spending a small fortune on their wedding only to be disappointed with the quality of the services they were receiving from their vendors. Rodriguez decided to expand her business to catering and event planning with the philosophy of “affordable luxury.“ She built an award-winning venue; catering & planning firm and in 2010 Rodriguez sold her interests in the business. 

In 2012, Rodriguez created Inspired Events.  She handpicked a team and brought together like-minded professionals to give the clients a seamless wedding planning experience.

Rodriguez is also the developer and creator of the Wedding Academy by Inspired Events.  This online bridal academy for brides uses a book and workshops to empower brides so that they can take control of their planning process whether or not they have a wedding planner.  This academy explores everything from the legal, budgetary and decorative aspects to name a few.  The academy is set to launch in November 2016.

She is on the cutting edge of wedding planning, most recently recognized for her achievements as a nominee for WeddingWire’s Weddi Awards in the professional achievement category. This award recognizes an individual who has dedicated her/his professional life to creating superior events for her/his couples while going above and beyond in delivering customer service. They have distinguished themselves as a leader within the industry. Rodriguez is renowned for her expertise, philanthropy, and enthusiasm and is often sought out by local and national media for her knowledge and expertise in the event planning and wedding industry.

Diana Villarmarzo

Expert Wedding Florist

My name is Diana, your couple and event consultant for South Florals Weddings and Events since 2017. In two years, we’ve arranged for over 50 events and have been published three times! Before joining forces with SFWE, I found myself DIY-ing wedding florals for brides to help them save money from the high labor price tags. I would spend countless hours researching different flowers, greens, and fillers that would match the overall aesthetic and budget for their event. Now I apply those learnings with couples by maximizing the floral options nature provides to let their style shine at an ideal price! 

Jackson Saint-Fort Expert Photographer
Jackson Saint-Fort

Expert Photographer

 As the creative force and founder of St. Clerv, a wedding photography company, Jackson Saint-Fort provides vital vision and a well-rounded experience on all elements of photography. Jackson is a wedding photographer whose detailed process and personality complement his enthusiasm and creativity.  

Jackson’s greatest strength lies in listening to the client’s desires, understanding their stories, and translating them into timeless photographs, which feel natural and fabulous. His years of hands-on experience have served him well for evoking love, intimacy, and storytelling.

As one of the most well-versed wedding photographers, Jackson utilizes his passion for storytelling and appreciation of different client stories to write books for brides. His passion, artistic vision, and flawless attention to detail have led to unforgettable memories and lengthy notes of gratitude from clients.

Dr. Bettina Lozzi-Toscano

Expert Therapist

Dr. Bettina Lozzi-Toscano is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with a Ph.D. in Marriage and Family from Barry University. She has been in private practice for over 15 years and specializes in family and couple dynamics. Her experience working with couples just starting out, through marriage and the different facets of couplehood gives her the expertise and understanding of couple dynamics and the keys elements needed in maintaining a healthy relationship.

She offers sessions for couples thinking of getting married or moving in. Couples learning how to live together, marital preparation as well as adjustment and overall relationship building in any point of couplehood. Her vast knowledge and training in couple dialogue, intimacy building, communication, and problem-solving make her a leader in the field. She speaks English, Spanish and Italian and offers group as well as individual sessions Monday through Saturday.

Viviana Planas & Jenise Castro

Experts on Wedding Dresses

Jenise Castro and Viviana Planas are co-founders and owners of La Vie En Blanc, the luxury bridal reseller in Miami, FL. Together, they manage the strategy and operations of the business that sells new, sample, and lightly-loved bridal gowns and accessories. Jenise graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Tufts University and worked as a structural engineer before pursuing her passion in the retail industry. She began her retail career as a merchandise buyer at Macy’s Florida and then earned a Master in Business Administration with specializations in Entrepreneurship, Finance, and Marketing from New York University Stern School of Business.  Viviana graduated from Nova Southeastern University with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and earned a Master of Science in Human Resources Management from Florida International University.  After a 15 year career in Human Resources with companies such as Hilton Worldwide and Royal Caribbean Cruises, Ltd., she followed her dream of entrepreneurship. In 2012, they both left their corporate jobs to launch La Vie En Blanc.

Maya Rodriguez

Expert Energy Healer

Maya Rodriguez was born and raised in Bosnia. After the terrible war in the Balkans In 1992, she moved around in Europe, and thus gained a vast knowledge of cultures and languages which in turn shaped the person she is today. She published a book about the struggles and the escape from the Bosnian war called ‘Grenades as Lullabies.’ 

​She settled in the  US where she acquired a degree with high honors from the University of Virginia. Now she is a wife and a mother to three children.  Although a CEO of a print brokerage firm,  and an author, she’s always had a gift of healing and spiritual connection. Thus she successfully owns a Healing Sanctuary called Maya’s Place. She is a Clairvoyant Medium, Card interpreter, Reiki Master, Sound and Crystal Healer, and a Hypnosis practitioner. Maya’s Place offers guidance, hope, and encouragement for all those that have lost their way or experienced pain.  Through holistic and spiritual healing she provides rejuvenation and reconnection of oneself.

Her motivation and purpose in life are to spread love and guidance.  Her why; is to heal pain and to bring happiness wherever she is, because she has experienced pain and suffering first hand.   If you ask her what is the one thing that drives her success she would without hesitation say that it is “Pure Love.”  



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It’s your perfect solution for your wedding day, one that brings together experts from the wedding industry and provides couples with a wide range of bespoke, customizable planning options.